California Auto Accidents Happen Most Often In December

It’s an unfortunate fact, according to one insurance company, that California auto accidents peak on two days during December. We hope that everyone stayed safe on December 15, the day for the most claims. But as notes, there are other risky days for California drivers this month:

There’s nothing remotely special about Dec. 15. So it doesn’t make any sense to us, or even to the group that compiled the information, that it is the most dangerous day of the year for drivers in California.

Allstate Insurance says its daily average of accident claims jumps 23% on Dec. 15, making it the most dangerous day of the year with 539 accidents. The overall average over the past four years is 435 accidents a day.

Allstate offers these possibilities for the danger on the roads: “weather, holiday shopping, travel or other distractions.” But even they don’t know for sure and does California even have bad weather? At least we can guess why Feb. 14 comes in at No. 2.

Whatever the reason may be for the holiday-driving meltdowns, mark that date on your calendar, and while you’re there, circle Dec. 18, too. It’s the fourth most dangerous day.

If you have to drive during the holiday season, whether it be to pick up gifts or to visit loved ones, be sure to watch out on crowded roads and to keep your cars properly maintained with tire and oil checks.

[Image: David Shankbone via Wikimedia]