California Health Insurer Notes Ambivalence Towards Sun Damage

The fact of the matter is that UVA and UVB rays that make the beach and outdoors so enjoyable can also lead to significant health problems such as skin cancer and eye damage. Anthem Blue Cross noted in results of a 2,500-person survey:

Nearly six in ten participants (58 percent) agree there are times they don’t adequately protect their eyes from the sun even though they know they should. Furthermore, four in ten (41 percent) report that when they go outdoors, they rarely think about protecting their eyes from the sun.

More importantly, the lack of knowledge about the danger to children is widespread, with a majority of parents not knowing that their sons and daughters are more at risk for skin damage than they are as adults. In addition to the need to improve awareness in California of the problems with sun damage, especially for youngsters. But the number of sunglasses for sale in the state and nationwide is great, and parents may not be aware of how to read labels. Whether they are accurate or not, the level of protection offered by many protective eyewear options in supermarkets or drug stores can vary greatly and lead to issues down the road if they are defective products. “Long-term UV exposure has been linked to eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye diseases later in life, so it’s important to make sure people are doing everything they can to maintain healthy eyes,” said Pat Huot, director of Managed Vision Care for Transitions Optical.

[Image: Mike Souter via Picasa]