California Vaccination Debate Leading To Whooping Cough Outbreaks

A new state law is modifying the requirements for vaccination starting next school year, requiring 7th-12th grade students to get immunized against whooping cough, also known as pertussis. The difficulty is that vaccinations only work when a majority of people have received the shots, according to medical experts. And unfortunately, the law carries the same exception that students with “parents who express a philosophical objection can seek an exemption from the vaccine requirement, according to KPSP. They go on to note:

Health leaders say teens, who have not been immunized, have been a factor in the spread of the disease, which has infected more than 5,000 and killed nine infants.

And the spread of the disease has been linked to statistics showing that percentages of unvaccinated students are higher in private and charter schools. The higher the unvaccinated percentage, the more risk that poses to students as a whole, and more importantly their families. Anti-vaccination advocates have argued that non-active ingredients in vaccines such as mercury can lead to developmental delays or autism. While many medical studies have cast doubt on the argument, there continue to be many adherents. That could lead to ongoing possibilities of diseases that were otherwise nearly eradicated, causing problems for families and especially newborns who can die from diseases because they’re too young to receive vaccinations.

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  1. All vaccinations are a sham. It is very stupid to stab perfectly fine skin & veins with a hollow spear, in order to inject viruses, mercury, embalming fluid, plus chicken or cow DNA, and expect that this is a great way to train our immune systems. Our immune systems are fine, and worked properly for thousands of years, before some idiot came up a with the idea of vaccines.
    The truth is, forced vaccinations can actually spread viruses faster and to more people. Of those that get vaccinated, many will actually get the virus that they are trying to protect themselves from, because not all of the viruses in the vaccines are deactivated. Some are only weakened. Viruses normally would go into people’s bodies, via people’s mouths or noses, which would be properly detected by the body and attacked by our immune systems. When we force a virus, plus other toxic, & harmful ingredients suddenly intruding them into our blood stream, we make it harder and longer for our immune system to detect and defend our bodies.
    To force vaccinations on people, is very scary, and fascist. We don’t live in a “free” country. We never did. When we are forced to have our children vaccinated, in order for them to go to school, then in no way, are we a “free” people. People can waive their flags all they want, and set off fireworks on the Fourth of July, but, when we give in, and do what those in government tell us to do with our healthy children’s lives, then we become more enslaved to the “fake freedom” that this country has brainwashed us to accept.
    I will never take a vaccine ever again. Neither will my daughter, who is supposed to go to high school next year, but with this forced vaccination for all 7th thru 12th grade students in public & private schools, she might just be homeschooled. We’re going to try and apply for an exemption, but it she doesn’t get the exemption, she still won’t be getting shot in the arm with poisons. People need to research all of the horrible side effects that the Whooping Cough Vaccine has had on children and teenagers, and stand up for our rights to raise our children without the government interference in our lives.
    I don’t want my daughter to have epileptic seizures, Gillain-barre Syndrome, Autism, chicken or cow DNA, mercury, or formaldehyde running through her body. All of these can cause permanent injury to the body. My aunt’s friend recently took the regular Flu shot and now she’s paralyzed from the waist down. She will be moving about the Earth, via wheelchair now. I will not let the government do this to our precious child. Never!!!!!!!!!
    “Get up. Stand up!. Stand up for your rights!” Boby Marley.

    Let’s make this a healthier year,

    Go Organic and Vegan

    No Vaccines,

    Happy 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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