Dad Protects Son By Obtaining Restraining Order Against Classmate

Robert Casteel, a Riverside County resident and father, obtained a restraining order for his 10-year-old son against a fourth-grade classmate. The boy’s classmate threatened him with a knife and stated that he would “get you after school.” Casteel’s son attends Mission Bell Elementary School. After reporting the incident, Casteel was unhappy with the leniency showed the offender.

“We’ve already got too many things happening in schools. Kids are getting shot and stabbed,” Casteel told the newspaper. “This isn’t something to take lightly.”

School officials say this is the first time a child has been ordered by a court to stay away from a classmate.

Officials say the incident is being investigated by the Jurupa Unified School District and the Jurupa Valley Police Department. Jurupa schools Supt. Elliott Duchon told the Press-Enterprise that “we’re concerned any time a student brings a weapon to school, and take it seriously.”

Police said a 2 1/2-inch pocket knife was recovered in the investigation, but that the student subject to the restraining order denied making any threats. LA Times, 26 Jan 2012.