Case Against Eskaton Properties Moves Forward

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A Sacramento judge has ruled that a case charging Eskaton Properties, Inc. with elder abuse can move forward. Dennis Haney filed the claim after his mother, Doris Hilton, died while under the care of the facility.

Hilton, 78, died in November 2006 after suffering from a urinary tract infection. Haney claims Eskaton Care Center in Fair Oaks neglected his mother’s condition and failed to administer her prescribed medication until she became severely ill. Two days before her death Hilton was transferred to a hospital, where she died.

“She was neglected and without care or attention, without assistance in feeding or toileting, and was left without medication for a diagnosed urinary infection until she became confused and incoherent,” Haney’s complaint states. “During this time, her cries of pain and for assistance prompted no response from defendants, who had allocated knowingly inadequate resources to provide proper staffing to care for Doris Hilton.”

The complaint states that Hilton was subjected to a humiliating death due to her treatment at the facility. [Source]

You can read the entire case document here.