7 Injured in Elk Grove School Bus Accident

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A three-vehicle crash near Elk Grove injured seven people and overturned a school bus in October.

The incident began when a Toyota Corolla, driving on the wrong side of Wilton Rd., sideswiped a Toyota Camry and an Elk Grove School District special needs school bus. The force of impact propelled all three vehicles in separate directions. The school bus toppled over on one side of the road while both Toyotas landed into a nearby ditch.

Despite all vehicles traveling over 40 mph, there were no fatal injuries. EMT took the bus driver, bus attendant, and three of the four students to the hospital with minimal injuries. The driver of the Corolla also went to the hospital, albeit with more serious injuries.

The Elk Grove school bus, as with all California school buses, was equipped with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and dashboard cameras. The California Highway Patrol is currently reviewing this surveillance footage to better understand the events leading up to the accident. They have yet to announce whether they will levy charges against the at-fault driver.

Not the First EGUSD Accident

This is the second school bus accident this season involving an Elk Grove United School District bus. In August, a school bus traveling on the same stretch of Wilton Road rear-ended a Chevy Tahoe. None of the 29 students on board were seriously injured. However, EMT did take five students to the local hospital with another driver for the treatment of minor injuries.

Fatal Chattanooga Crash

While all involved in these two California bus collisions escaped serious harm, this was not the case a recent Chattanooga, Tenn. bus accident. On the way to drop off children., a school bus carrying 37 children from Woodmoore Elementary lost control along a windy stretch of road. The bus careened off the road after hitting a mailbox, flipping over and crashing into a tree. Over 20 children were hospitalized with serious injuries; six died as a result of the collision.

Police are charging the bus driver, Johnthony Walker, 24, with five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment, and reckless driving. These charges come after an investigation determined Walker was driving recklessly at dangerously high speeds.

The school district additionally released records detailing previous complaints against Walker’s driving. The reports include comments by schoolchildren warning that he drove too fast with sharp turns. Officials have yet to announce whether Walker’s employers will face any punitive actions for failing to respond to those complaints before the nightmarish collision.