Federal Report Argues Portions Of Southern Cal Wildfire Mishandled

Californians rely on insurance coverage to protect them from the unique combination of rains, wildfires and earthquake risks that they face on an infrequent basis. But when the U.S. government critiques its own work in putting out wildfires in Southern California, it could affect homeowners. An outside consultant argued that National Forest Service officials didn’t deploy firefighters in an effective manner, leading to more destruction than was necessary. As Sonoma radio station KSRO outlines:

“Some former Forest Service officials, however, describe the review as a ‘smoking gun’ that exposes flawed tactics employed early in the fire. The Forest Service should have mounted a swift and unrelenting effort to stop the blaze on all fronts, they said. Don Feser, former fire chief for Angeles National Forest, said the inquiry indicates that the officials who led the attack ‘allowed the fire to run.'”

Arguments like these aren’t just issues of politics if the choices of government agencies led to damage to your home or property. But if you have homeowner’s insurance, the insurer may argue that the government’s choice to attack the fire in an ineffective way makes it not liable for payments. Difficulties like these in finding a way to lead a normal life after a natural disaster come when different groups ask questions and answers are numerous.

[Image: USFWS/Southeast via Flickr]