Deciding to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Why Should You File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

There are a variety of reasons why our clients decide to file a personal injury lawsuit. Some may want to prevent future injuries caused by negligence. Others may want public recognition that they were harmed. Rarely will a client feel comfortable admitting that money is a motivation for filing. This happens for a variety of reasons, but mostly because negative coverage of personal injury lawsuits frequently occurs in the media. From the infamous McDonalds coffee case to a burglar suing a homeowner for injury while he was robbing a house.

While we admit there is a lot of frivolous litigation, we don’t believe that clients should feel awkward or uncomfortable admitting that they need compensation. A personal injury, on the workplace or on roads, will affect your work life, your personal life, your income, and your health. Our system of justice says, if there’s a wrong and a person is injured, he is entitled to justice. While we cannot restore your income, health, or quality of life, we can compensate you financially to help replace that income and improve your quality of life.

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