How Much Can A Dangerous California Automobile Lawsuit Be Worth?

Each lawsuit brought by a product liability lawyer tends to differ in terms of the conditions that gave rise to the case, as well as the relative ability to pay of the defendant. In the case of the unintended acceleration recalls instituted by Toyota, it may help to see what actually can happen in an automobile liability case. Autoweek has the story of one Toyota lawsuit settlement:

Toyota Motor Corp. agreed to pay $10 million to settle a lawsuit with the families of four people who were killed in an accident that led to the automaker’s recall of millions of vehicles over unintended acceleration concerns.

The settlement was reached in September, but the amount was not made public at the time after both Toyota and the plaintiffs agreed to keep the deal confidential.

The Los Angeles Times reported the amount on Thursday after it was disclosed to the paper by an attorney representing Bob Baker Lexus, a defendant in the case, located near San Diego, Calif.

The dealership lent California Highway Patrol officer Mark Saylor a 2009 Lexus ES that, Saylor’s family alleged in the suit, contained defects that caused the vehicle to accelerate uncontrollably and ultimately killed Saylor, his wife, brother-in-law and daughter. The families of Saylor and his wife agreed to drop the suit against Toyota and the dealership in exchange for the settlement.

Toyota neither admitted nor denied liability in the settlement.

[Image: Public Domain]