L.A.-Area Hospital Cared For Infants Without Proper Staffing

If your infant requires immediate medical care, you would expect the hospital to have enough doctors and nurses to provide the care you need, especially in the Intensive Care Unit. At Olive View-UCLA Medical Center, that wasn’t the case. That means that newborns on ventilators or those in need of surgery should have been transferred, considering that, according to the Los Angeles Times:

Investigators found the unit had only one board-certified neonatologist, identified by county officials as Dr. Richard Findlay, insufficient to provide the required 24-hour coverage. Nursing staff did not know how to reach the on-call doctor in case of emergency and for more than two months before Findlay was hired late last year, the unit’s interim director did not meet certification standards, investigators said.

That led to at least two deaths, according to an AP report carried by the L.A. Daily News, although the hospital now has a new director of the neonatal unit and will be hiring specialists. Worse, hospital officials said they were unaware of the change in their status limiting their ability to provide care until reporters questioned them. Catastrophic injuries and other ramifications of tragedies like these can be mind-numbing for the victim’s family. Some could consider actions for emotional redress or a loss of quality of life.

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