Lawyer Alleges Widespread Sexual Abuse in Boy Scouts

A lawyer who has won several cases against various religious organizations for sexual abuse and the resulting cover-ups has stated that he believes that the ” amount of abuse in the Boy Scouts of America dwarfs that which we’ve seen in the Catholic Church.” The statement by Seattle attorney Timothy Kosnoff was made during an interview with ABC 15 in Phoenix, which can be found by clicking the video above this article. Recently released documents revealed that the organization didn’t alway report abuse to the appropriate authorities and that there are more than 5,000 cases reaching as far back as 1947.


  1. Deborah Kauffman January 31, 2013 at 12:33 am

    My grandchild 3 years of age DOB 12/29/09, has been sexually assaulted. The pedophile his 76ish ( could be older) paternal grandfather has digitally sodemized, molested. wanted oral copulation from a 2 year old child. Also wanted and may have given oral copulation to the child. The chlld has been manipuated to masterbat.
    We want justice for this wonderful child whom the Philadelphia Court System seems to just give the father what he wants and does not worry for the child’s protection.
    We are searching for professionals to speak in count and send the child to the appropiated professionals for help. If you and or any of your colleagues have any advise for our broken family please forward any and all inquires.

    • Deborah, We are so sorry for what has happened to your grandson. Our hearts go out to this child, and hope for justice for you and your family. We recommend contacting Kline & Specter ( They are very experienced in these types of cases.

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