Mather Airport Accident Sends Two Workers to Hospital

Two construction workers were sent to a hospital with work site injuries earlier this month, according to officials from the California Division of the Occupational Safety and Health. The injuries occurred during a construction accident at Mather Airport. The employees of Ascent Builders, a Sacramento construction company, were injured when a metal beam fell on them.

A worker present says the injured workers were hurt after losing control of an iron beam that was supposed to be connected to the overall structure. The pair had begun sheering bolts when a shift in the building frame caused a loss of control.

Jim Meurer, a specialty contractor working on an adjacent project at Mather Airport, was unsurprised at the construction accidents report. “It’s part of the business,” he told a local reporter, as “It’s an inherently dangerous component of construction.”

When asked to list the most dangerous of occupations, many people are quick to detail those jobs with inherent dangers, such as chasing criminals. Yet, construction accidents are the leading cause of worker injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. OSHA’s latest reports of 2014 accidents listed that out of the year’s 4,386 worker fatalities in the private industry, 899 were in the construction industry. That is one out of every five worker deaths involved construction accidents.

This year has been particularly grievous for California with a long string of construction worker fatalities and injuries. This year’s list of construction accidents includes a worker being crushed to death in a crane accident at a West Hollywood construction site, a construction worker killed from complications following a fall from roof at a Watertown construction site, and a construction worker was pressed to death while operating a large cherry picker in an industrial accident at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

The two construction workers involved in the Mather Airport accident are expected to make a recovery, but Cal-OSHA spokeswoman Julia Bernstein is remaining guarded about the exact cause and injuries related to the incident until the completion of a full investigation. OSHA lists this type of injury, being struck by an object, as one of its “Fatal Four” causes that are responsible for the majority of construction worker deaths.

Officials at Ascent Builders have likewise declined to comment about this and other construction accidents.

Construction has continued at Mather Airport, with the goal being five new shade hangers for use as a new EVA Flight Training Academy. Officials estimate that construction will continue for several more months.

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