Miramonte Elementary School Abuse Timeline

We thought it would be helpful to publish a comprehensive timeline of the Miramonte abuse allegations. Check back for periodic updates to this post.

1991 – Two students tell school counselors that they have seen a jar of Vaseline on Berndt’s desk and that he had his hands under his desk. As adults, the students say they are sure he was masturbating. Counselor tells students not to make up stories.

1994 – Student accuses Berndt of touching her genitals. No charges were filed after detectives investigated.

2008 – Father of Miramonte student complains to school officials after his daughter brings home photos of her eating a cookie with a shiny substance on it. Officials dismiss complaint without investigating.


Oct 2010 – Employee at CVS Pharmacy reports odd photos to Redondo Beach Police Department. Photos show young students blindfolded and eating a shiny substance from a blue spoon.

Nov 2010 – RBPD turns investigation over to LAPD after confirming photos were taken in the LA County classroom of Berndt.


3 Jan 2011 – Investigators find a blue spoon and container in Brand’s classroom trashcan. Substance is revealed to be semen, and DNA is matched to Berndt.

7 Jan 2011 – Berndt is placed on leave after school officials are notified of investigation.

11 Jan 2011 – School board fires Berndt.

12 Jan 2011 – Berndt’s home is searched.


30 Jan 2012 – Berndt is arrested for 23 charges of lewd conduct.

31 Jan 2012 – LAPD announces Berndt’s arrest.

6 Feb 2012 – School board conducts emergency meeting. Makes decision to replace Miramonte staff.

7 Feb 2012 to 8 Feb 2012 – Class cancelled at Miramonte.

9 Feb 2012 – School resumes at Miramonte Elementary with new staff in place.

21 Feb 2012 – Berndt pleads not guilty to all counts of lewd conduct.


12 Mar 2013 – LAUSD settles 58 claims for $30 million.

14 Nov 2013 – Berndt pleads no contest to charges.

15 Nov 2013 – Berndt sentenced to 25 years in prison.


21 Nov 2014 – LAUSD announces $139 million settlement for abuse victims and their families.