Parents Question School Procedures After Student is Stabbed

Cindi Santana

Students, parents, and school officials are questioning procedures for information sharing after Cindi Santana, a 17-year old student at South East End High School, was stabbed on school property by her ex-boyfriend during the lunch period. Ms. Santana died later that night as a result of her injuries. Three others were also injured as they attempted to help prevent the attack.

Abraham Lopez, the attacker and ex-boyfriend, was arrested on September 25th after he allegedly made threats but was released on September 27th because of a lack of evidence. Three days later, he snuck onto school property and attacked Ms. Santana. School officials are criticizing police for not informing them about the arrest or release, but parents of Cindi Santana are criticizing the school because Santana’s mother did inform the principal and kept him updated.

Two funds have been set up by friends and family of Cindi Santana to help with burial and funeral costs. Information is as follows:

An online contribution site, authorized by the family, has been set up by family friends.

The South Gate Police Officers’ Assn. has established a separate memorial fund with the family’s consent. Donations can be mailed to the South Gate Police Officers’ Assn., c/o Cindi Santana, 8620 California Ave., South Gate, CA 90280. The association can be contacted at (323) 573-2632 or (562) 254-0411. LA Times, 5 October 2011

A memorial service for Cindi is being held today from 4pm to 8pm, Pacific. You can find more information, as well as keep updated on fundraising, on the Facebook memorial page set up by friends of Cindi Santana.