Praise for Personal Injury Handbook


In their great new book, “Personal Injury Handbook”, trial lawyers Larry Booth and Roger Booth offer something more precious than legal forms, case law and procedural guidance:  they offer wisdom.

Here’s one nugget of trial lawyer wisdom: go hard and heavy for depositions first and focus on written discovery second. (Page 2-5) I love this advice because it’s a strategic shift that 1) reduces the economic advantage that corporate and insurance defendants will always hold over plaintiff’s lawyers and 2) it makes civil litigation fun!

This is a book I wish I’d had in the beginning of my career but I’m happy to have it now!  Buy it and apply the wisdom it contains.

Gurman S. Bal, Esq.
John N. Kitta & Associates
Fremont, CA

Purchase your copy of the Personal Injury Handbook, an amazing resource for personal injury lawyers, by clicking this link.