Second California Sexual Assault Victim Comes Forward, ID’s Suspect

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is continuing to investigate four California sexual assault victims and their cases as they try to make sense of hundreds of hours of video footage. One of the victims had been identified and interviewed, and now CNN reports that a second victim has come forward to help the sexual assault case:

A second woman, 27, who had been tracking the story in the news media approached investigators to tell them that she, too, had been assaulted.

That woman, who like the first woman to come forward has a physical disability that renders her defenseless, told sheriff’s detectives that a suspect named Bert Hicks sexually assaulted her multiple times when she lived in a residence that he operated.

The first victim said Hicks, 41, had taken her to an unknown place that authorities earlier said was Las Vegas and married her, investigators said. Hicks then brought her back to the care home, where she was allegedly sexually assaulted by Lloyd and repeatedly sexually assaulted by Hicks, authorities said.

Investigators haven’t determined whether Hicks’ crimes are the same ones depicted on 100 hours of video that a tipster mailed to authorities last March, detectives said.

Authorities are asking for the public’s help in identifying the other suspects, including two of whom they have posted photos. Those with information are encouraged to call 800-222-TIPS.

[Image: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department]