Substitute Teacher Accused of Misconduct Is Fugitive In Mexico

Image Credit: Booking Photo

George Hernandez, a 45-year-old former substitute teacher, has fled to Mexico after being charged with sexual misconduct.

Hernandez resigned from the  Los Angeles Unified School District in 2007 after multiple investigations of sexual misconduct were conducted, but quickly found employment as a substitue teacher in the Inglewood Unified School District.

“This guy should not have been kept in the district,” said Kathleen Carroll, an attorney who worked for the state Commission on Teacher Credentialing. “This is an outrage.”

L.A. Unified is looking into the situation but has found no evidence that it ever reported Hernandez to the state credentialing commission, said David Holmquist, the district’s general counsel.

The commission could have suspended or revoked Hernandez’s credential, preventing other school districts from hiring him. For its part, the Inglewood school district violated its own procedures by not fully vetting Hernandez’s background before hiring him.

A civil lawsuit brought by the mother of the Inglewood student alleges L.A. Unified is liable for not taking action against Hernandez before he could harm her daughter.

“This is no different than moving an aberrant priest from one area to another,” said Sanford Jossen, a Manhattan Beach attorney representing the girl. LA Times, 22 Feb 2012

It is not clear why the Inglewood school district didn’t conduct a full background check on Hernandez.

Family members told authorities that Hernandez is now living in Jalisco, a Mexican state.