Telephonic Appearance Rules Expanded for California Courts


The California court system has made practicing personal injury law a little bit easier after passing California Rule of Court 3.670 which allows more telephonic court appearances. The ruling will save hours of time for lawyers and clients, and saved time means saved money in these cases. Roger Booth of Booth & Koskoff says that the “savings in time and money is immeasurable, and little or nothing has been lost by not forcing lawyers to appear in person on routine matters.”

The rule (effective January 1, 2014) states that telephonic appearances are allowed in “all matters, unless the rule expressly states otherwise or the judge orders it.” It also effects ex parte applications, allowing the filing attorney to appear telephonically if the moving papers have been filed by 10 a.m. at least two days before the hearing. Opposing attorneys are allowed to appear by telephone in all circumstances.

There are still several situations that require personal appearances. To find out these requirements, and more information on this subject and more, please visit our website.

Photo by peddhapati via Creative Commons.