$3 Million Settlement in Third Party Liability Case

Construction Accident SettlementOn December 8, 2010, Fernando Sanchez started his day much like any other workday. By the end, he was hospitalized with one seriously destroyed kidney and damage to his legs. The injury required hospitalization for an entire year, and a lifetime of care through dialysis and transplant. How did this horrific injury happen?

While operating a forklift, Mr. Sanchez was impaled on a 20-foot pole gate left open and unsecured. The gate was required by company policy to be kept closed and secured to prevent just such an injury.

Initially, what looked like a case that would be limited by worker’s compensation coverage turned into a third party liability case when our investigation revealed that the gate was left open by a contractor earlier that morning. Instead of being limited to $2 million in coverage through a worker’s comp claim, we were able to obtain an additional $3 million from the third party. The settlement will go a long way towards providing health care for Mr. Sanchez for any medical issues related to the accident.

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