UC Board of Regents Strikes Deal With Prosecutors in Sheri Sangji Case

Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times

Felony charges against the University of California regents have been dropped after they reached a settlement with the state. The university acknowledge their part in the deadly accident and accepted responsibility for the “condition under which the laboratory operated on Dec. 29, 2008.”

 In settling the case, the regents agreed to maintain a comprehensive lab safety program across UC campuses, including enhanced safety training and protective equipment. The board also will endow a $500,000 environmental law scholarship in Sangji’s name at UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law, from which Sangji had received an acceptance letter.

Her older sister, Naveen Sangji, has pressed for prosecution of Harran and UCLA but welcomed the admission of responsibility.

“UCLA and the regents have finally admitted that they wronged Sheri terribly,” she said. “Our family’s pain will not diminish, but our hope, of course, is that no one else has to suffer the way Sheri did and that such tragedies are avoided in the future.”

Los Angeles Times, 28 July 2012.

Patrick Harran, the laboratory supervisor, still faces several felony charges related to the deadly accident. His arraignment is scheduled for September 5th.