Solano Still Falling Short of Federal Standard

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In 2005, the California state prison system was deemed “broken beyond repair” and control of the system was handed over to a federal receiver. However, a report released last month showed that after a decade of federal control, California State Prison, Solano was still falling short of federal standards.

The inspection, conducted in June and July of last year, faulted Solano with inadequate medical care of its inmates. The report stated that there were long delays in seeing sick inmates and that follow-up appointments were several weeks or even months late. Inspectors also pulled the case files of 62 inmates to determine the level of care they were given.

Two medical care providers were found responsible for the unusually large number of poorly handled cases. The first was an on-call doctor who treated an inmate with a history of low blood pressure and frequent blackouts. The doctor performed a hasty exam and wanted to send the inmate back to his cell with no further instructions. That same inmate was later hospitalized due to his condition. The second provider was a pharmacist who failed to give an inmate his prescribed medications and follow-up exams. The inmate had just returned from hospitalization due to congestive heart failure.

Joyce Hayhoe, a spokesperson for the federal receiver’s office, stated that Solano has addressed nearly all of their issues since the inspection.

As of now, Folsom State Prison is the only one of California’s 34 state prisons that has been returned to state control.

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Source: Solano state prison is failed by examiners for poor healthcare, LA Times, 27 Dec 2015.