Victim of Sexual Abuse Awarded $1.25 Million

Teach Your Children Well

A young victim who was abused by a foster parent was recently awarded $1.25 million by a San Diego jury after suing the agency who placed them in a foster home. This followed a $30 million settlement from another victim abused by the same perpetrator.

In the civil trial for one of the perpetrator’s other victims last August, the jury was presented evidence that the company that licensed the foster home did not do a proper background check of the parent. A simple reference check would have revealed information that certainly would have disqualified any adult from being a foster parent, including drug and alcohol abuse, threats towards others with firearms, a history of inappropriate sexual relations with a minor, physical abuse of his pregnant wife, and suicide attempts. [Source]

According to the Office of Attorney General of the State of California, 90% of child molestation victims know their abuser. [Source] While a lawsuit does not remove the pain or consequences of the crime, it does hold the proper parties responsible for the abuse while providing financial resources for treatment.

[Image Source: Gaetano Matteazzi via Flickr]