When Cars Crash Into California Homes, Numerous Issues Emerge

A woman was arrested by the California Highway Patrol after a vehicle she was allegedly operating was involved in a series of collisions involving two houses, and a parked car. CHP Spokeswoman Lizz Dutton described the incident for News10 like this:

The woman was driving eastbound on Tierra Vista Way when she ran into a house on the corner. [She] backed up, drove over a fire hydrant and slammed on the gas. The broken fire hydrant flooded the street by Copper Cove Place and Tierra Vista Way. Next, the woman hit a white Acura parked in front of a house, causing the Acura to go up into the air. The collisions pushed both cars into the house’s garage.

There are a number of issues at play here. One, evidence could suggest that the woman was responsible for damage on the Acura, leading to either an insurance report or other legal remedy. The owner of the house she struck, or of the two vehicles, could also potentially wonder about the liability of both the woman and the owner of the vehicle, if they’re separate people. To learn more about what can be involved when someone is considering a legal claim regarding auto damage in California, or home owners’ insurance issues, click here.

[Image: TheAnti via Picasa]