Women Dies After Pushing Baby to Safety

via LA Times

A 33-year-old female Riverside resident has died after being struck by a Metrolink commuter train. Susan Dibine ignored lowering railroad arms and attempted to cross the tracks while pushing her two-year-old daughter in a stroller. The stroller stuck in the tracks twice before she was able to push her daughter to safety. Ms. Dibine was then struck by the train.

Dibene tried to cross ahead of the oncoming Metrolink train. The train’s conductor and engineer saw the woman wrestling with the stroller as it twice got lodged in the tracks, Riverside Police Sgt. Skip Showalter said. They blew the train’s horn and tried to brake but were unable to stop in time.

The first time the stroller became stuck, Dibene freed it and continued crossing. The stroller got stuck a second time, and again, Dibene struggled to free it. Finally, she managed to dislodge the stroller and push her daughter out of the train’s path. But she did not have time to save herself. She died at the scene.

The child was uninjured and was released to her grandmother after being taken to Riverside County Hospital for an examination. LA Times, 9 Oct 2011

Paul Dibine, the woman’s husband and father of the child said he was “not surprised that his wife’s final act was to push their 2-year-old daughter to safety, even though it meant she would be unable to escape an approaching Metrolink train. ‘Her daughter was her life,’ Dibene said. ‘In the end, she not only lived for her daughter, she died for her daughter.'” LA Times, 11 Oct 2011

Our condolences to the Dibine family.