Auto Accident Case Checklist: What to Ask

Do you know what to ask when investigating an auto accident case? Here are 10 questions you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Have you fully investigated the limits of the adverse driver’s coverage?
  2. Does the adverse driver have underinsured or uninsured coverage?
  3. Does the adverse driver have an umbrella policy?
  4. Was the driver completing tasks related to his employment at the time of the accident?
  5. Did the owner of the car allow an unfit driver to operate the vehicle?
  6. Are there any known vehicle defects?
  7. Are there other accidents in the area that have happened under similar circumstances?
  8. Were there road conditions that contributed to the accident?
  9. Was the driver medically unfit to drive? If yes, was this reported to the DMV by her doctor?
  10. What are the personal assets of the driver?

Excerpted from “Personal Injury Practice: A Checklist of Auto Accident Cases.” For more checklists and tips for practicing personal injury law in California, purchase a copy of the Personal Injury Handbook by Larry Booth and Roger Booth today.