Bakersfield Locals Say California Fatal Accident Was No Surprise

California teen drivers in a recent fatal Bakersfield collision may have been speeding, according to initial accident investigation data, but the tenants of the shopping center say that the dangerous road behind their plaza is likely to contribute to more California auto accidents. ABC Affiliate KERO has more on the dangerous California road for speeding drivers:

Many who work in the Vons Shopping Center at Stockdale Highway and California Avenue said the alley behind the plaza has become unsafe.

“Throughout the day, you can hear cars speeding through the back,” said [Krystal] Sanchez. “You can also hear the donuts. You can go out there and see skid marks too.”

Friday morning’s fatal crash is proof of what reckless driving like that can do. Aaron Glen West Jr, 19, was killed and four others hospitalized when 15-year-old driver crashed into a light pole. While police point to reckless driving as the cause, questions as to why the girl was driving that way still remain.

“We don’t know why she was driving in the fashion she was driving,” said Mary DeGeare, of the Bakersfield Police Department. “Physical evidence at the scene indicates she was driving with some speed and erratically prior to impact.”

It’s scenes like that that have forced many who park behind the shopping center to take extra precautions.

“I’m always looking out and making sure I don’t hear anyone,” said Sanchez. “I always looking out for lights coming really fast because they can come around that corner speeding, going 100 mph.”

[Image: Public Domain]