Construction Worker Dies in Workplace Fall

construction death

A 27-year-old construction worker fell to his death last month while working on a Bel Air residential construction site.

Crew members were lowering the man into a sump well, estimated to be approximately 4 feet in diameter, by a cable during the incident. Shortly after beginning his descent, the worker became untethered and fell approximately 50 feet. His co-workers immediately notified superiors and called 9/11. Dispatch quickly sent the local urban search-and-rescue team to the work site. Once there, the team lowered a rescuer into the hole to investigate. Unfortunately, the 27-year-old man had landed face-down in water and was”beyond medical help.” Emergency personnel declared him dead at the scene.

Assistant Chief Tim Ernst has yet to release the exact cause of death or the name of the worker. “Whether the fall was the source of his injuries or whether it was due to a deficient oxygen atmosphere, the coroner will have to make that determination.”

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office and Cal/OSHA are conducting investigations into the accident.

Falls a Leading Cause of Workplace Fatality and Injury

Despite improvements in worksite conditions, falls continue to be a deadly issue. Out of the 899 worker fatalities that occurred in the construction industry in 2014, falls caused 359 — 39.9% — of those deaths.

A week after the aforementioned incident, another man fell into another 50-foot hole at another California residential construction site.  A 30-year-old commercial driver had gone to the Beverly Crest construction site to deliver a load of steel rebar. When he exited his truck to complete the order, the driver stepped on unreinforced plywood. Wood that had been covering a 50-foot hole on the property. The plywood broke underneath his feet and he plummeted down the two-foot-wide pit.

Thankfully, in this case, the worker survived the fall and remained conscious throughout the incident. Fire crews were immediately dispatched and rescued the driver via a harness system. Healthcare officials list him in fair condition.