$36 Million Awarded in Wrongful Death Suit

A judge ordered Nick Gordon to pay out $36 million for the wrongful death of his ex-partner Bobbi Kristina Brown this month. The court found Gordon “legally responsible” for her death in September after he failed to appear in court. This judicial order comes after months of Gordon ignoring and failing to attend the trial.

Authorities discovered Bobbi Kristina, daughter of the late Whitney Houston and singer Bobby Brown, unresponsive and face down in her home bathtub. She never regained consciousness, dying six months following her discovery.

Relatives from both sides of her family filed a civil lawsuit against Gordon for his role in her death. The suit alleged Gordon gave Bobbi Kristina a “toxic cocktail” that directly contributed to her demise. It also accused him of assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and unauthorized transfers of money from Bobbi Kristina’s account.

Brown Estate Lawsuit

The Brown estate initially sought $50 million in the suit for the loss of life, loss of potential future income, and pain and suffering. They allege that Gordon contributed to her death as “part of a scheme to control Bobbi Kristina and benefit from her wealth.”

Neither Gordon nor any lawyers representing him responded to the suit. He did publicly respond to the allegations of his giving Bobbi Kristina a “toxic cocktail” during a Dr. Phil episode. Saying, “Think about how far-fetched and ludicrous that sounds… That’s just stupid.”

Because Gordon never appeared at the civil lawsuit hearings in September, the judge made his ruling. The judge stated that everything Brown’s estate alleged against him is “admitted through omission.”

Gordon has yet to be arrested and charged with any crimes related to Brown’s death. However, a spokesman for the Fulton County District Attorney’s office says investigations are ongoing.

“I do need for the District Attorney’s Office to step up and begin the criminal prosecution of Mr. Gordon,” Bobby Brown said in a statement. “The delay in that matter is of great concern to me and my family.”