Boy Scouts Seek To Reassure Parents

In an open letter to parents, Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock of the Boy Scouts of America acknowledged release of the “perversion files” and resulting investigation, and detailed current safeguards to prevent further abuse.

While we continuously evaluate and strengthen our Youth Protection programs, we recognize that abuse can happen anywhere, even in Scouting. You may have heard recent news surrounding the release of certain Ineligible Volunteer Files. BSA Ineligible Volunteer Files, still in use today, help keep people deemed to be unfit leaders out of Scouting. Still, we believe constant vigilance is the best protection. In Scouting, we tell everyone involved with our programs that “Youth protection begins with you.”™ That means that each of us has a role to play in keeping kids safe.

The safeguards involve background checks, training, presence of two adults for all Scouting activities, literature for parents, and parent involvement in activities. You can read the full letter, posted via the BSA Twitter account, on the BSA website.