California Offroad Races And Government Agencies Dawdling

The August 14th night race in the California desert in rural San Bernardino of off-road trucks led to the deaths of eight California residents. So why is it big news this week?

The Bureau of Land Management was responsible for crowd control and protection during the race because it followed paths on the 11 million acres of land that the agency owns, according to the San Jose Mercury News. They go on to explain the various failings the BLM outlined in its own internal report:

Only one ranger was working in the 500,000-acre expanse on the day of the crash, and it was for routine patrol, not race monitoring, an internal review found.

He visited a portion of the course before the 200-mile race and “did not conduct monitoring specific to the event,” the review states.

The primary finding of the review was that BLM staff in the Barstow field office did not follow agency procedures in granting permits to the race promoters. It found there was no direct communication between recreation and law enforcement staff about the event.

While that’s great that the agency has owned up to its failings in the incident, it took three months for the report to become public, and racing promoter Mojave Desert Racing has refused to speak publicly about the fatalities.

For those looking for answers, three months may be enough to start the mourning process. But for other remedies, that long can hamper a potential legal challenge to the BLM. The right California personal injury law firm can file actions or push for reports in the courts.

[Image: Shagy via Flickr]