California Pastor To Be Tried for Sexual Abuse

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Tommy Daniels, the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Rio Linda will be tried for six counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child. Superior Court Judge Lloyd G. Connelly found testimony from two of the victims to be especially convincing.

Prosecutors said the abuse took place between 2002 and 2007, a period when Daniels, 48, and his wife, Brenda, 45, were under scrutiny by child welfare agencies and police.

A private therapist who works with adoptive parents of emotionally troubled children placed four of the girls in the couple’s Citrus Heights home for short-term care. The fifth girl received child care at the home after Brenda Daniels lost her day care and foster care licenses in 2003, the newspaper said.

The California Department of Social Services revoked the licenses based on allegations of substandard care, lying to state and county workers, and misappropriating public funds, according to the newspaper.

Citrus Heights police arrested Tommy Daniels for investigation of molestation in 2005, but no charges were filed. After more girls were identified, Daniels was rearrested last month, police Lt. Ray Bechler said.

Brenda Daniels has not been charged, the newspaper said.

You can read more about the case on the San Francisco Chronicle and Sacramento Bee websites.

Sexual abuse victims may experience life long issues as a result of the abuse. Including panic attacks, substance abuse, sleeping problems and anger management issues.¹

[Image: John Starnes via Flickr]

¹”Consequences of Sexual Abuse; Effects of Child Abuse; Symptoms of Child Molestation; Child Sexual Abuse Signs” by Wendy Moelker, psychologist in charge of Emergis, Goes, the Netherlands and Jacob Palme, professor, Stockholm University.