California Pile Up Injures 8, Culprit Loose

Eight vehicles ended up colliding with each other early Sunday morning after a driver fled an apparent wreck in Davis, leading to eight injuries, according to CBS 13. The driver still has not been identified, but a number of vehicles were involved in the wreck, as the news station outlines:

An alert motorist spotted the crash, pulled over and attempted to use a flashlight to warn other oncoming vehicles about the hazard, but one vehicle was unable to avoid the wreckage and slammed into it, triggering a chain reaction.

Seven more vehicles became involved in the accident, including a Unitrans bus chartered by a UC Davis sorority to carry dozens of students from a party in Sacramento.

“It seemed like a tough situation for motorists to avoid because of the fact it was blacked out,” said Officer Ken Walter of the California Highway Patrol.

Eight people, including one of the students on the bus, were injured and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The problem with the accident is that while the initial motorist could be charged with leaving the scene of the incident, there may be questions for those who suffered injuries. It may be that injured parties want to ask whether the seven motorists who couldn’t miss the Ford Mustang were able to avoid the incident.

For now, questions remain, and anyone with information is being asked to contact the California Highway Patrol.

[Image: Robert Cathles via Picasa]