CBS and Tony Awards Sued by Bret Michaels

[publicity still, photography by Nancy Mazzei]

Lawyers for Bret Michaels, actor and lead singer of Poison, have filed a personal injury lawsuit as a result of the 2009 accident that occurred at the Tony Awards. Michaels was hit in the head by a piece of the stage as it descended from the ceiling to the ground, causing a fractured nose and split lip. Since then, Michaels has suffered from serious health issues, including a near fatal brain hemorrhage.

The suit includes statements made by producers after the show blaming Michaels for the incident because he “missed his mark.”

“Michaels was never told that the scenery piece would be descending or given any warning of the existence of the dangers it presented. Quite the opposite, Michaels specifically asked for instructions regarding how to exit after his performance and was just told to walk off the rear of the stage – in what was ultimately the danger zone.”

Michaels is seeking unspecified damages. The suit was filed in Los Angeles.