Celebrate a Safe Independence Day


Boating. Road trips. Fireworks. Barbecuing. These are all traditional Fourth of July activities and part of American culture. But they can also be dangerous. Irresponsible use of fireworks can’t start a fire or cause an injury, especially among teens and children and cause millions in damage to homes and property. Impaired judgement from alcohol consumption can lead a normal adult into risky behavior, like drunk driving or boating.

Here are some sobering statistics about Fourth of July injuries via USA.gov:

  • Fireworks injuries send about 200 people to the emergency room every day in the month surrounding July 4th.
  • More than half of the injuries reported were burns.
  • 35% of injured were under age 18.
  • 68% of injured were male.
  • 46% of injuries occurred to the hands and fingers.

The Alabama Department of Public Safety offers these common sense tips for celebrating a safe Fourth of July holiday:

  • Restrict access to, and limit consumption of, alcoholic beverages. Especially underage teens.
  • Stay buckled up while driving.
  • Avoid distractions while operating a car, boat, or ATV. Don’t text and drive!
  • Don’t ignore bad weather reports, especially lightning or thunder while out on a lake.

And don’t forget, if a relative or friend has had too much to drink at a holiday celebration, take the keys and offer a sober ride. It’s not worth avoiding a disagreement!

Image source: Wikipedia