City Files Motion To Reveal Identity of Arevalos Victim

via Sign on San Diego

A victim who was sexually assaulted by former SDPD Officer Anthony Arevalos is criticizing lawyers representing the city of San Diego after they filed a motion to reveal her identity. The request comes after the victim, identified only as Jennifer, filed a lawsuit against the city and the SDPD.

[I]n the city’s latest motion, attorneys asked a judge to reveal her identity so they could talk to her friends and family.

In a statement, the San Diego City Attorney’s Office said: “This individual is suing the city for a lot of money, claiming a lot of injuries. Our attorney filed the motion because she would like to know something about the Plaintiff to determine the extent of those injuries.”

“It’s a dirty thing to do, it’s a dirty tactic,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer also said it’s a dishonest tactic because police know who she is and talked to many people in her life for the internal probe.

Jennifer’s attorney, Mary Frances Prevost, called the motion an unusual move for a civil case involving this type of sexual assault.

“The city attorney’s office is supposed to be protecting victims. This is the lowest blow I’ve ever seen from the city attorney’s office, and it disgusts me,” said Prevost. “I think they’re trying to out the women and get us to back down … I’m not going to back down.” 10News, 15 May 2012.

Jennifer was assaulted in February 2010 and reported her assault to Internal Affairs. The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office did not prosecute because of insufficient evidence. Arevalos was convicted of eight felonies and four misdemeanors related to various assaults upon women. He was sentenced earlier this year to almost nine years in prison. He is facing eight civil suits as a result of the assaults.

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