Dad Insists He Tossed Son Out of Boat As A Joke

Image courtesy of Orange County Sheriff’s Department

An Orange County father who threw his son off a harbor cruise boat insists he did it as a joke, and his actions were not a result of alcohol. The incident occurred Sunday afternoon when the 7-year-old son of Sloane Briles was upset by his father arguing with another member of the party.

Witnesses said they saw Briles hit his son Sunday and toss him into the water. People on nearby boats rushed over to save the boy, who was shaken up but OK.

Briles also jumped in the water, but the boy had already been rescued.

Orange County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Jim Amormino said the incident began when Briles and his girlfriend got into an argument aboard the boat.

Briles’ two sons from a previous marriage, a 7-year-old and 6-year-old, were with him on the trip. Both boys apparently witnessed the argument and the 7-year-old was visibly upset.

Witnesses said that’s when Briles picked him up and dropped him into the water.”

Despite several eyewitness accounts, Mr. Briles insists he did not hit his son and that dropping him into the water was a joke between the two of them. Authorities disagreed. He has been charged with felony child endangerment and resisting arrest.

Information via LA Times