Danger while Installing Solar Panels Investigated

Solar Panels

At least three fatalities have been investigated by the California Department of Public Health’s Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) resulting in updated warnings about possible danger while installing solar panels.

The more recent fact sheet concerns a worker who fell 45 feet from the roof of a three-story apartment building as he stepped back to check the position of some brackets. He and co-workers were not wearing fall protection equipment, although the plan for their job called for it, according to the fact sheet, which recommends consulting the fall protection section (pages 28-30) of the Pocket Guide for the Construction Industry.

Another fatality was a worker who was electrocuted and then fell after a 20-foot metal bracket contacted a nearby high-voltage power line. The third victim was carrying solar panels when he tripped and fell through a skylight.

See the full article, with links to the updated fact sheets, here.

[Image: Powerhouse Museum via Flickr]