How do I choose a personal injury lawyer?

“There is no substitute for experience. You do not want your lawyer to be using your case as a learning tool. You want to know that he or she has done type of case before and has a track record of success. This is not about the lawyer having gone to a good law school or looking the part of a successful lawyer or “talking a good game.” This is about a proven, documented record of success. It is also about the lawyer having the ability to see the case from beginning to end. The end being a trial in front of a jury. A surprising number of personal injury lawyers have little or no experience trying cases. They settle everything. While your case may end up settling as well, you want to know that your lawyer has the ability and experience to see the case all the way through trial if that’s what it takes to get the defendant to pay you fair compensation.”

from “How to Find A Personal Injury Lawyer