Should I Be Comfortable With My Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury case is oftentimes a difficult, emotionally-draining process.

Your entire life and medical history are on display and subject to scrutiny and criticism by the other side’s lawyer. You may be relying upon your lawyer to provide for your financial future and that of your family. You want to hire a lawyer who will not only be your warrior in the courtroom, but with whom you can feel comfortable discussing private details of your life and who will listen and understand how this accident has affected you.

The best lawyers understand that their client is often the best source for information about their accident, and that, when it comes to understanding the client’s injury and how it has affected her, there is no substitute for spending time listening to the client tell her story.

You also want to know that your lawyer is committed and focused on your case and not overburdened with other cases that he may think are more important.

The best personal injury lawyers focus on a select number of cases to which they can fully devote themselves. Avoid law firms that are “mills,” churning out hundreds of settlements a year and never taking the time to maximize the value of each case or understand the unique challenges that each plaintiff faces.

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