Indiana Attorney General Appoints Mediator for Stage Collapse Litigation

via Wikipedia

Kenneth Feinberg, a lawyer, consultant and mediator, has been appointed by the Indiana Attorney General to handle litigation related to the Indiana State Fair stage collapse.

Feinberg will serve as consultant to the Attorney General on developing a protocol for resolving claims filed against the State of Indiana in a fair and equitable way. Feinberg has agreed to consult at no charge to the State or taxpayers.

“We want to move to pay the full $5 million that the state’s law allows as soon as an equitable formula can be devised. My goal is to focus on the needs of victims and their families while minimizing the expense of lengthy and costly litigation. In light of the urgency for victims of the State Fair tragedy and the statutory limits on compensation, the advice of Mr. Feinberg who has faced these circumstances before will be invaluable in developing this claims process effectively,” Zoeller said.””

Feinberg’s main responsibility will be establishing protocols for claim evaluation. He will not be compensated for the mediation efforts.

Mr. Feinberg is a highly experienced mediator and has previous mediated for the September 11 Victim Compensation Fund, Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund (for victims of the Virginia Tech shootings), BP Oil Spill Fund and the as Special Master for Executive Compensation (oversaw compensation of top executives at companies that received federal bailouts).

Information via Journal Gazette.