Jury Deliberates Anthony Arevalos Case

via LA Times

A San Diego jury has spent two days deliberating the fate of former San Diego Police Officer Anthony Arevalos without reaching a verdict. Jurors requested transcripts of victims’ testimonies late Monday afternoon.

Meanwhile, testimony from Arevalos’s supervisor revealed that Arevalos often bragged about the attractiveness of the women he ticketed or arrested in the Gaslight district:

During the final day of testimony in Arevalos’ ongoing criminal trial, Sgt. Kevin Friedman said traffic officers jokingly called Arevalos the squad’s “Las Colinas transport unit” because he arrested so many women on suspicion of drunk driving. Las Colinas is the name of the county jail for women.

Arevalos, who’s charged with soliciting sexual bribes from seven women during traffic stops, often bragged about the beauty of the women he pulled over, Friedman said. Arevalos would throw driver’s licenses on a table in front of other officers, he said, or print out a woman’s photo using state vehicle records.

“If someone was attractive, he would display it,” Friedman said. [Source]

Arevalos’s arrest record was much higher than any of his fellow officers.

Arevalos is facing up to 19 years in prison if convicted of all 21 charges.

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