Overturning Tractor-Trailer Crushes Man To Death

Image by Chronicle Herald. 

A Canadian construction worker has died after being crushed beneath an overturned tractor-trailer on Highway 10 in Nova Scotia. The man was working on the side of the road when the accident occurred.

It appears a tractor-trailer fell on its side while the man was working on Highway 10 in Albany, about 20 kilometres south of Middleton, said RCMP spokeswoman Brigdit Leger after a preliminary investigation.

“The truck rolled over, killing one male as it rolled over,” she said.

RCMP received the emergency call just before 5 p.m.

The man was deceased on the scene, said spokeswoman Stacey Brown of Emergency Health Services. Chronicle Herald, 18 Sep 2012.

Two other individuals were taken to a local hospital with non-critical injuries.