Memorial for Metrolink Victims Unveiled on Five Year Anniversary

Metrolink Memorial

Photo by Luis Sinco for the Los Angeles Times.

A memorial dedicated to the 25 victims and 135 injured in the 2008 Metrolink accident has been unveiled at the Moorpark railroad station.

“This is to show the victims that they will not be forgotten,” said Barbara Kloster, an organizer of the event whose son was severely injured. “The crash might be old news, but not to those who still live it every day.”

The head-on collision with a Union Pacific freight train immediately north of Chatsworth station killed 25 people and injured 135. Many of them suffered crippling long-term injuries.

Federal investigators blamed the crash on a Metrolink engineer who ran a red stop signal while texting on his cellphone.

The collision spurred safety reforms and management changes at Metrolink as well as a national effort to develop positive train control, a sophisticated collision avoidance system. Source: Los Angeles Times, 9 Sep 2013.

Relatives of the victims have lobbied for an increase in the $200-million liability cap set by federal law. Some seriously injured victims received less than $30,000 after legal fees, reimbursements, and other expenses were taken out of the awards.