More Leads In California Sexual Abuse Case As Victim Is Found

Authorities in California say that they have found one of the California sexual abuse victims where footage of up to 10 disabled women being assualted by four men has shocked the state. The Los Angeles Times has more on the initial interview with the victim, who remains traumatized by the sexual assault:

“Her medical conditions have caused her to be physically defenseless; however, she was able to communicate with detectives,” officials said in a statement. “Her interview Monday with sheriff’s Special Victims Bureau detectives was very emotional and painful for her. Detectives described her as very traumatized. She is being provided with victim assistance.”


The graphic video shows men having sex with women, many of whom appear to be disabled, with some in wheelchairs and wearing diapers.

But prosecutors said the tapes alone are not sufficient evidence, telling Sheriff’s Department detectives that they need to provide more facts about the women’s medical histories, level of disabilities and other information.

“In order to effect a filing, we would either have to prove that the victim did not consent to the sexual acts or she was unable to consent to the sexual acts,” the district attorney’s office wrote in a memo. “There is insufficient evidence to prove either of these theories beyond a reasonable doubt.”

[Image: billsoPHOTO via Flickr]