New Recall Could Affect 2011 Honda CR-V And 2011 Honda Accord Safety

California car owners who have gotten excited about the new 2011 Honda CR-V and 2011 Honda Accord should check their mailboxes or call their dealerships. An internal engine issue could lead to potential issues, including an engine dying while a motorist is driving. InsideLine describes the situation:

Honda said it has stopped the sale of the 2011 Accord and CR-V and is asking its U.S. dealers to inspect more than 10,000 of the vehicles for potential engine oil leaks, including an estimated 1,200 vehicles that have been delivered to customers and another 9,200 vehicles on dealer lots.

A Honda spokeswoman said the action “is not a recall; it’s a simple service bulletin.” She described the oil-leak problem as “a manufacturing issue.”

If necessary, Honda dealers will replace an internal engine part called a rocker shaft holder to correct the problem.

Dealers are inspecting their own stocks of about 4,900 Accords and 4,300 CR-Vs, all of them assembled in North America, to check for engine oil leaks.

Remember to keep up with recalls is critical for many car owners because while an engine oil leak is generally a small problem, losing all the oil in the engine can cause it to grind to a halt, even when California car owners are on the highway.

[Image: Honda Motor Company]