Are Construction Accidents Preventable?

preventable construction accident

preventable construction accident

Two recent construction site accidents in California have experts wondering if and how these types of accidents can be prevented.

The first of these accidents occurred in the late morning of October 6th just south of San Jose. An unnamed young man in his mid 20s was killed when the bucket of an excavator swung around and struck him. The incident occurred at a site operated by Ciarra Construction. The incident is currently under and investigation by Cal-OSHA.

The second accident occurred around 11 p.m. on October 9th in Corona. Workers were lowering a new section of a freeway ramp when the support beams gave way. The ramp section dropped and dislodged the support beams which, in turn, struck and injured nine workers, three critically. Four of the men are still in hospital care; one of those men has been in a coma since the accident.

These accidents and many more are raising questions about safety procedures. Safety should be the top priority on a construction site, but almost 5,000 people die every year on construction sites. Most accidents happen due to falls, scaffold collapses, electric shock, trench collapses, and impacts according to an expert from Safety Xperts. Contributing factors to jobsite accidents may be rushing work, fatigue, competency, or negligence. What experts want to know is this: are construction companies screening for work ethic before they hire workers?

Unions have the capability to make the construction industry safer because they can negotiate with employers better than many individual contractors could. Through those negotiations they can possibly reach agreements on more effetive employee training and safety protocols.

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Source: Inquisitr

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