Should a Client Settle a Personal Injury Case?

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Should a client settle a personal injury case? This is often the big question as you investigate, plan, and depose clients and witnesses. Sometimes a client can feel like they are giving up, or giving in, to the person or businesses that were responsible for their personal injury.

“No one can ever pay you for the pain and the suffering that you’ve been through. Nothing can repay you for not walking, for taking away your dignity, all those things. But Roger got me the most that I could get, and he was honest with me…I had to decide, did I want to go nine more years to try to get a larger amount of money, or did I want to stop here and live my life?”

Beverly chose to settle her case, and move on with her life. As Beverly so eloquently put it in the video, “I don’t think anyone will ever think that any money will give them back their life, because there’s nothing more precious than life, your ability to function and move in your life. But it definitely helped me regain a lot of the things that I lost, and I’m very thankful for that.”