Simple Fixes On Machinery Save Lives

Construction is, and always has been, a dangerous industry. While building the Hoover Dam, 112 men lost their lives¹. According to a report on 2009 Fatal Occupational Injuries by the Federal Bureau of Labor statistics, 19% of workplace fatalities occurred on construction projects, second only to transportation injuries². In California alone, 41 of those deaths occurred because of contact with objects or equipment³.

Oftentimes, these deaths occur because of a lack of accountability by manufacturers, through faulty design or incorrectly written safety manuals. Companies are rarely successfully sued, nor are they held accountable by OSHA.

In one case, a simple 10 cent fix would have prevented a fatality. In another case, a cut-off switch would have prevented a near fatal injury. That switch was required in the European market, but not in the United States.

Read our article titled, “Heavy machinery in construction and industry: The dangerous, largely unregulated world of killer machines” for more information.