Student Pedestrians Survive Accident

Photo by Stephanie Wood for The Valley Chronicle.

Eight Hemet High School students are expected to survive after being struck by a pickup truck driven by a fellow student. The accident occurred when a 1994 Ford Ranger being driven by Daniel Carrillo, 18, ran a red light, hitting students walking through the crosswalk.

The CHP’s major accident investigation team will inspect the 1994 Ford Ranger that authorities said was driven by 18-year-old student Daniel Carrillo, who suggested a mechanical malfunction caused the crash.

“That will either show evidence — or rule out” any claims of mechanical failure, Meyer said of the inspection.

Carrillo was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, Meyer said previously.

Investigators were also reviewing surveillance video from cameras in the area.

“It clearly shows the vehicle and the collision,” Meyer said. “And we still have more witnesses to interview.”

CHP officers said the truck carrying Carrillo, his twin brother David and a 16-year-old friend was traveling above the 25 mph speed limit for the school zone when it entered an intersection where as many as 30 students were crossing with a green light. Washington Post, 31 May 2012.

The CHP will make a decision on whether to file charges after the completion of the investigation. Mechanical difficulties have been suggested as a possible cause. The truck had been modified for off-road use.