Two Auto Accidents In Southern California Lead To Deaths

A blown out tire led to tragic circumstances on Highway 86 in Imperial County near Brawley.

Authorities said “the [Los Angeles County] driver lost control of the vehicle and it veered into the center median, and then suffered major head injuries and died,” according to the Imperial Valley Press. The injuries for other occupants wasn’t listed.

Another man lost his life outside Salinas, in an incident that will likely lead to investigations. Two farm workers were struck by a tractor trailer as the driver was backing it up into a field. Alfredo Gonzales Rayas, 46, died as a result, and the other farm worker was hospitalized.

California Division of Safety and Health Officials are investigating as are members of the California Highway Patrol, according to the Salina Californian. It’s been classified as an industrial accident.

While other reports indicated that the two men that were struck were wearing reflective vests, it remains to be seen what conditions may have helped contribute to the accident. It’s possible that the layout of the field, or the procedures for transporters to back up, could have played a role.

In both cases, many factors could play a role in the tragic events that took place, with the possibility of tire or tire pressure monitoring systems being faulty.

[Image: Geoffrey Whitchurch via Picasa]